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Eye-wear Fitting

Eye-wear Fitting

Available eyewear

Always a perfect fit

In addition to accurately evaluating the condition of your eyes or current prescription, Snyder Optometry will provide the perfect fitting for your eyeglasses. Unlike sunglasses, which tend to be larger than eyeglasses, every pair of glasses is a little different. Your new eyeglasses must fit precisely to avoid loose-fitting, discomfort, fatigue and/or an irregular focal point.

If you have an existing pair of glasses, please bring them. You can find the size information stamped on either of the temples or on the nose bridge. There may be several different numbers and markings inside the frame, which will help us understand your existing frame size.

Contact Lens Fitting

There’s no contact lens size that fits all eyes. If the curvature of a contact lens is too flat or too steep for your eye, you may experience discomfort or even damage to your corneas. We will take measurements to properly determine the best contact lens size and function for your eyes.

To properly qualify for wearing contact lenses, you must have an adequate tear film to keep the contact lenses and your cornea sufficiently moist and hydrated. This test may be performed with a liquid dye placed on your eye so your tears can be better observed, or by using a thin strip of special paper (placed under your lower lid) to see how well your tears moisten the material. If you have dry eyes, contact lenses may not be right for you. Furthermore, the amount of tears you produce may determine which contact lens material may be best appropriate.

If your eye’s surface is found to be somewhat irregular, because of astigmatism, for example, you may require a special lens design known as a “toric” contact lens. In the past, only gas permeable contact lenses could correct for astigmatism. There are now many brands of soft toric lenses, which are available in disposable, multifocal, extended wear, and even colored versions. In some less common cases, a detailed mapping of the surface of your cornea may be performed. This measurement (Corneal topography) provides extremely precise details about surface characteristics of the cornea and creates a surface “map” of your eye that may aid in choosing the proper contact lens

Fitting Concerns or Questions

If you have a question regarding eye-wear fitting, we are ready to help you. Please contact Snyder Optometry today at (626)282-8493 to begin taking steps to improve your eyesight or for a loved one.