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Cesar Irribarren

I am 31 years old and last spring I went to Dr. Harlan Snyder to get a check up because I was having a problem with my left eye. I had a yellowish film blocking the right upper corner of my visual field. I had noticed this anomaly 3 weeks before I went to Dr. Harlan and thought it was going to be a routine problem that could be easily resolved. Well it turned out to be something much more serious. I end up having two holes in my retina...(read more)

Michele Blumberg

Our family visit to see Dr. Harlan Snyder was such a comforting experience for my boys’ (ages 2 and 4) first eye exams. Dr. Snyder was so at ease with the kids and took the time to clearly answer all of my questions throughout the appointment. He clearly demonstrated his experience and knowledge while still making the visit fun and easygoing for my boys. I highly recommend Dr. Harlan Snyder, what a great eye doctor!

Karen Pyenson

I have worn contact lenses for over 40 years, and have a very strong prescription. A few years ago I was having problems with comfort, and did not wear contact lenses for a few years. Recently, Dr. Harlan was able to fit me for bifocal contact lenses and bifocal glasses, and I no longer have to carry around reading glasses to use with my contact lenses, nor do I have to switch between regular glasses and reading glasses...(read more)


New treatment available at Snyder Optometry!

Snyder Optometry is excited to introduce a new, revolutionary way to treat dry, irritated eyes. This non-invasive procedure resolves the cause of dryness, irritation, and excessive tearing by repairing damaged and blocked oil glands in the eyelids, creating clearer more comfortable vision. At the same time, the procedure also reduces and eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, and bags around the eyes and forehead.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call us at 626-282-8493 or click on the TempSure treatment option under the Vision Services heading.