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Disease Evaluation

Disease Evaluation

Eye disease evaluation

Trust Our Experience

Snyder Optometry has been treating vision problems and related health conditions for 40 years. Through our unique father and son medical practice, our success has been the direct result of treating tens of thousands of people young and old, passing down knowledge and best practices, and leveraging the most advanced technologies. We ensure every family has access to an unbroken continuum of care that spans decades.

Whether you are seeking to update your existing prescription or want to establish annual checkups for your child, we can ensure you receive unmatched personal, one-on-one care. We educate our patients on the exam process and offer solutions as to how you can take steps to improve your eye health and better your eyesight with the use of appropriate eye-wear.

Expert Diagnosis

In order for us to evaluate the health of your eyes we will need to assess your medical history and conduct a basic examination. This basic health examination will determine if further testing and pupilary dilation is necessary. For example, to evaluate for glaucoma, we may conduct a visual field analysis and check your eye pressure. We may also evaluate your refractive status (how your eyes focus and coordinate), in order to determine an appropriate prescription to improve your vision. A photo and analysis of the retina may be needed in order to diagnose and document any vision or eye related health problems. (Please see Eye Conditions for more information). These eye related problems may also reflect a wider systemic issue. We will then coordinate care with your primary physician to maximize overall outcomes.

Once we have successfully determined the health and status of your eyes, we will offer a diagnosis of your condition. Treatment options will then be presented including dietary restrictions, vitamin supplements, and medications. In many cases, we are able to diagnose conditions early, which may allow us to explore more options to remedy your condition. Our goal is to ensure the most optimal outcome for your eyes, which may also include working with other doctors. In most cases, we can remedy eyesight irregularities through a prescription for eye-wear or provide treatment for most non-surgical conditions. You and your family will be offered solutions and a path to improve the health of your eyes on your first visit.

Get the help you need.

If you have a question regarding a condition affecting your eyesight or want an expert opinion for a family member, we are ready to help you. Please contact Snyder Optometry today at (626)282-8493.

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