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At Snyder Optometry we treat our patients like family. Our clinic environment is a warm, welcoming change from the larger, less personal facilities. With over 40 years of service in the Alhambra community, our patients and their family members and friends have trusted us for decades to take care of their visual and ocular needs.

We take time to help each patient understand their condition and all available options for treatment, including our wide selection of contact lens products and fashionable eye-wear. Learn why so many people have chosen us as their primary eye care provider.

Michele Blumberg

Our family visit to see Dr. Harlan Snyder was such a comforting experience for my boys’ (ages 2 and 4) first eye exams. Dr. Snyder was so at ease with the kids and took the time to clearly answer all of my questions throughout the appointment. He clearly demonstrated his experience and knowledge while still making the visit fun and easygoing for my boys. I highly recommend Dr. Harlan Snyder, what a great eye doctor!

Cesar Irribarren

I am 31 years old and last spring I went to Dr. Harlan Snyder to get a check up because I was having a problem with my left eye. I had a yellowish film blocking the right upper corner of my visual field. I had noticed this anomaly 3 weeks before I went to Dr. Harlan and thought it was going to be a routine problem that could be easily resolved. Well it turned out to be something much more serious. I end up having two holes in my retina. The yellow film was actually a sign that my retina was slowly detaching. Dr. Harlan immediately detected the holes and ordered an emergency surgery that saved my vision. Without this intervention, my left eye would have gone blind. It is now almost a year later and I have almost perfect vision in that eye thanks to the skills of Dr. Harlan. I am currently being fitted for contact lenses and could not be happier with the results.

Karen Pyenson

I have worn contact lenses for over 40 years, and have a very strong prescription. A few years ago I was having problems with comfort, and did not wear contact lenses for a few years. Recently, Dr. Harlan was able to fit me for bifocal contact lenses and bifocal glasses, and I no longer have to carry around reading glasses to use with my contact lenses, nor do I have to switch between regular glasses and reading glasses. Both doctors are caring and patient, and the office staff are friendly, efficient, and helpful, whether it’s picking out glasses or showing me how to use my contact lenses correctly.

Lizzy Ross

The Snyders are excellent optometrists. The office has the warm welcome of a family practice while providing the best and most up-to-date care. I always know I’m in good hands there and recommend them to everyone.